JTMS Issue #2, Autumn 2008

The Journal of The Masonic Society, Issue 2, Autumn 2008

 Department Page  Title
 Sections  4  President's Message: 
 Try Freemasonry
   5  News of the Society
   7  Conferences,
 Speeches, Symposia &
   8  Masonic News
   34  Letters
   35  From the Editor: 
 Broken Windows
 Masonic Treasures  25  Masonic Treasures of Washington D.C.
 by Christopher Hodapp
   32  Grand Lodge of Arizona meets in Copper Queen Mine, 1897
 Reports  11  Alpha Males: Trevor Stewart Shares New Research at Historic
 New Jersey Lodge

 by Jay Hochberg
 Articles  14  Cleaning the Temple
 by Mark A. Tabbert
   15  English Royal Arch - An Historic Accident
 by Yasha Beresiner
   16  Defining Esotericism From A Masonic Perspective
 by Shawn Eyer
   22  On Brotherhood
 by Robert Wolfarth
   23  First Degree Masonic Tracing Board
 by Greg Stewart
   30  There's A Hole In Our Bucket, Dear Hiram, Dear Hiram
 by Stephen Dafoe

Cover:  This month's cover features original artwork by Greg Stewart.  In his article on page 23, he discusses the symbolism that appears in the Entered Apprentice tracing board.

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